Week 6 – How will your business recover post Covid-19

The pandemic has accelerated the pace of change in the business world.  Business leaders are adapting to operate in an ever-evolving landscape where the only certainty is change.  

If recent experiences has taught us anything it is that a spirit of resilience and the ability to adapt are keys to operating in the new normal.

Welcome to week 6 of ‘How will your business recover post Covid-19’? where we focus on 2 topics.  Can you afford your post Covid-19 Business Plan?  As well as building on lessons learned during the Covid-19 crisis to improve business performance.

Week 6 – Can you afford your Post-Covid-19 Business Plan? 

Building on lessons learned during the Covid-19 crisis to improve business performance.

As is the case with all the information that we deliver, if you missed the previous weeks you can still catch up by clicking on the links below;

Week 1 – Determine your financial position and financial health

Week 2 – Determine your immediate cash flow commitments

Week 3 – Evaluate the state of your business operations and how your market has changed

Week 4 – Reconsidering your suppliers and reviewing your business model and long-term goals

Week 5 – Identifying restructuring, disposal, and merger and aquisition opportunities.  Reviewing your business strategies and establishing a new business plan

Don’t miss next week where we will focus on our final 3 topics in our series.

Firstly identifying your technology needs to meet your new business plan.  Secondly rethinking and reconfiguring your workplace and finally we wrap up the series with other important steps to business recovery.

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