Ten tips to boost efficiency while working from home.

Almost everyone could do with some working from home tips at this point. After months of working remotely, what was once viewed as a luxury for some of us may now be viewed as a tedious routine. 

According to recent findings from Microsoft’s work-from-home-study, which asked more than 350 employees to share their experiences while working from home, many employees are now working longer hours, although team meetings have become shorter.

Whatever your set up at home, there are pros and cons to working at home. As time wears on, staying alert, focused and efficient may be more of a challenge as your professional and personal life become fluid.

Here are 10 working from home tips to boost efficiency:

  1. Get dressed
  2. Make up a new morning commute
  3. Write down a (realistic) to-do list and stick to it 
  4. Keep your daily coffee and water-cooler chats 
  5. Have one dedicated workspace 
  6. Move around in short small bursts 
  7. Prep what you can 
  8. Set boundaries
  9. Don’t work more or less 
  10. Reward consistency

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