The 5 A’s of change

The 5 a's of change

As we draw to the end of the financial year, as business owners we often reflect over the past 12 months.  This more than often heralds a time for change, a refreshed approach, a new perspective and an opportunity to make a positive difference.  It’s also a super busy time of year with plenty of demands on our time – when can we play with the children, escape for that winter getaway and generally spend less time at work?

Here is a practical way to ensure that positive change can be achieved in 5 easy steps (the 5 A’s of Change):

Awareness – first we need to be aware what needs to change.  Maybe we want to work smarter not harder this year so we can have more family time and better financial returns.

Acceptance – we need to accept that in order to be able to work smarter we will have to do things differently this year compared to last year.  There is no magic bullet – we need to make a better plan as to what we need to do.

Action – once we have a plan we have to implement it.  Otherwise the plan is simply a pipe dream that will never become a reality.

Accountability – in order to make sure we take action, we should get someone independent to hold us to account.  Liken this to making a commitment to going to the gym with someone else at 6am – you’re way more likely to show up if you’ve committed to that action with someone else.

Acknowledgement – Old habits die hard and it takes 21 times to change a habit.  By celebrating the success of taking that action we agreed to, we help to reinforce that ‘good behaviour.’

So embrace this powerful model if you want your goals to become a reality.  Share the model with others as well.  Most importantly, make a commitment to real and positive change moving forward – you will feel so much more empowered.

‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.’ – Socrates

Are you ready to start your change?  Click on the link to find out about the 7 ways to grow your business workshop.  

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