Is bullying happening in your workplace?

Aggressive Businessman Shouting At Female Colleague

Everyone has a right not to be bullied or harassed at work.  A worker is bullied at work if;

  • a person or group of people repeatedly act unreasonably towards them or a group of workers
  • the behaviour creates a risk to health and safety

Unreasonable behaviour includes victimising, humiliating, intimidating or threatening.  Whether a behaviour is unreasonable can depend on whether a reasonable person might see the behaviour as unreasonable in the circumstances.
In June 2011, Victoria’s anti-bullying legislation was passed.  Known as Brodie’s Law, this law was introduced as a result of the tragic suicide death of young Brodie Panlock, who was subjected to relentless bullying in her workplace.

Case study
In September 2006, 19-year-old Brodie Panlock ended her life after enduring ongoing humiliating and intimidating bullying by her co-workers at a café in Hawthorn.

The tragedy of Brodie’s death was compounded by the fact that none of those responsible for bullying Brodie were charged with a serious criminal offence under the Crimes Act 1958. Instead, each offender was convicted and fined under provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The introduction of Brodie’s Law means that the criminal justice systems is now able to appropriately respond to the most serious examples of bullying in our community.  The law ensures certainty in the application of the criminal law to cases of serious bullying.

Source – Victoria State Government Justice & Regulation

If you would like to learn more about this very important topic, please join us for a special breakfast seminar on Thursday 27th April 2017, where we will discuss this topic and more.

Are the tools in your toolkit sharp enough to take your business to the next level?


We see it everyday, businesses that think the unexpected won’t happen to them, but the reality is, IT CAN.  Are you up to date with the latest OH & S rules and regulations?  Does your business have the right insurances to protect you?  Is your business ready for cloud computing?

Learn how to;

  • Embrace new systems that will reduce the time you spend on your books and keep you up to date with your businesses performance.
  • Create debtor systems to manage cash flow and make it easier for customers to pay you sooner.
  • Protect your assets with the right registrations and paperwork.
  • Be aware of your legal obligations in the workplace.
  • Ensure you are taking all the necessary steps to protect you, your business and your family.
  • How to prepare yourself if injury or death occurs of a key person, including owners.  If serious illness occurs, how to protect yourself so that it does not affect your business.

Guest speakers:
Mark Hooper – Senior Account Manager Xero Accounting Software
Andrew McLellan – Director EDX (Melbourne) Pty Ltd
Richard Williams – Acting General Manager – Workplace Relations Victoria Chamber of Commerce and Industry

When: Thursday 27th April
Time: 7.30am
Where: Sunbury Football Club – Riddell Road Sunbury
Light breakfast supplied
R.S.V.P  Monday 24th April 2017
Click on the link below to book on line or call
Lynda (03) 9744 7144 or email

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