Fluffy clouds or storm clouds? It’s all in the questions.


You may have heard a lot of discussion over the past few years about various cloud accounting products available in the marketplace.  For each promoter telling us Xero is the only way to go because it’s funky and new age, there’s another promoter telling us MYOB is the only way to go because it’s sound and secure.  And of course other systems such as Reckon Accounts and Saasu are putting their hand up also.

Unfortunately, what has been lost amongst this product based battle is the underlying questions of whether or not cloud computing, cloud accounting and cloud storage are solutions for you and your business.  Fear mongering and confusion are generally triggers for inaction and distraction – and hence where many business owners are now when it comes to the world of “cloud”.

So, how do we get past this?  Let’s project forward five to ten years – what business will look like can often be extremely difficult to predict, so let’s use history as a reference point.  Ten years ago where was online banking and smart phones, how active was email and how prevalent was legal streaming of data such as movies. Ask yourself how different was our world?  We cannot predict with supreme accuracy where the business world will be in five to ten years.  We can however, ask ourselves salient questions that will help to determine whether or not a cloud solution may in fact become inevitable, as opposed to optional, for most business owners.

  • Has your business adapted to online banking now in a way you did not see possible ten years ago?
  • Do you find you have more challenges in dedicating time to your business administration than ten years ago?
  • Do you find, in spite of this time challenge, others have more administrative expectations of you than ever before?
  • Do you find the times you do have available to dedicate to administration are often ad hoc micro breaks where you really achieve very little anyway?

If your answers to these questions are like most people, the very least you MUST do is explore cloud solutions to support you in operating your business.  Cloud solutions are merely tools to support business owners achieve financial and non financial objectives – they are not right for every business however it would be naive to turn a blind eye to this option.  Imagine a builder still using a hammer for every nail, a shearer using a narrow comb only or a school using black boards only. Each still has its place in each respective industry, but each has also been enhanced by improved technology (nail guns, wide comb & smartboards) – cloud computing, cloud accounting and cloud storage is the same.

Whilst there is no single answer that is right or wrong we need to start the conversation and ask key questions NOW.  Successful business owners know the trick to getting great answers – asking great questions.  Let’s start asking and see where the answers take us.

If you would like some assistance in working out what program is best suited to your business please contact Lynda on (03) 9744 7144.

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