Every team needs a good coach and so does your business


As we lead into Grand Final week, both the West Coast Eagles and Hawthorn Football Clubs would have well cemented their game plans. Like in sport, your business needs a solid game plan too.  You need to stay motivated, educated and on top of your business game.  What better way to do this than through a business coach.   In this weeks Blog we look at the similarities between sports coaches and business coaches, and how choosing the right one can give you the edge you need.

A good coach knows their sport, they must have an in-depth understanding, from the fundamental skills to advanced tactics and strategies.

A good coach always seeks out new information, learning about new training techniques, attends coaching clinics, knows about the latest in rehab for injuries and seeks out tips from other coaches and athletes.

A good coach is a motivator and is someone who is able to lay out a plan to help athletes achieve their goals.

A good coach instills discipline in their athletes and makes them accountable, and always leads by example.

A good coach is able to communicate effectively with players and is a good listener.  A good coach is someone who hears athletes’ concerns, listens to players’ ideas and is able to summarize and “mirror back” what players have said for maximum clarity and understanding.

A good coach is 100% committed to their profession and to the team.

It is important to look for these skills when choosing a business coach for your business. If you want faster and better results, we have unique financial awareness coaching programs that will provide you with the knowledge, accountability and support required to give your business the edge that it needs.

For more information contact Lynda on (03) 9744 7144 or email lynda@mcmahonosborne.com.au

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