We’re a lucky country, but will you have enough for retirement?


If you were to watch the news recently (by recently I mean in the last 2 decades) you would think that Australia maybe about to lose its ‘Lucky Country’ tag. However research released by Credit Suisse Research Institute has Australia fairing very well in the wealth rankings.

The richest nations in the world are classed as those with a wealth per adult figure of over USD 100,000. Below is a table ranking these nations in order of wealth per adult.

Rank Nation Avg. wealth per adult (in USD) Change since mid-2013
1 Switzerland 581,000* 10.5%
2 Australia 431,000 5.0%
3 Norway 359,000 -4.0%
4 USA 348,000 10.6%
5 Sweden 333,000 4.8%
6 France 317,000 9.1%
7 Belgium 301,000 11.7%
8 Denmark 293,000 16.1%
9 UK 293,000 18.3%
10 Singapore 290,000 2.0%

*Dollar appreciation and strong equity performance has resulted in this significant increase and new world record for the Swiss.

Australia is placed nicely in 2nd place, punching well above their weight. When you look at median wealth per adult, which gives an indication of wealth equality, Australia tops the list (as it has for the past 5 years) at USD 225,000.

So what does this mean?

It means that things are still pretty good here in Oz. With high wealth per adult and strong growth in household wealth it’s a good time to be in business. With only 6% of all Australians with a net worth of less than USD 10,000, that equates to plenty of potential customers.

To Promote & Protect

Depending on your stage of life, having money coming in and compulsory superannuation tucked away for you, it’s important to know that you’re protected and that your future is secure.

Have you considered salary sacrificing into your super to maximize the compound interest effect before you retire?

Or you may already be well set up, are your assets protected?

Australia certainly still is the lucky country, however it’s never a good idea to rest on your laurels.

Contact one of our Accountants today on (03) 9744 7144 and we can help you see if you will have enough money to retire.

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