We all think ‘it won’t happen to me,’ but imagine if it did.


Over the past year we have received at least 10 clients call with urgent workplace relations issues and each time there has been panic. Here’s your chance to get proactive and avoid panic, caused by the unknown. Imagine the following scenarios and then consider – is it worth investing 90 minutes of my year to be better prepared for the unexpected?

Work Place Relations Case Studies

Harassment at work

An executive assistant who has been working for a small business for under 6 months has made an allegation that there is an entrenched culture of harassment in the business, but is refusing to name any perpetrators.

The boss is a bully

A senior member of staff has alleged that his boss is a bully, going off on long term sick leave with stress and asking for a pay out of over $80,000.

I want overtime

An employee in a hotel is alleging that he is owed overtime for a period of 6 years. He works in the hotel’s bottle shop and each night walks up the hill to the hotel to drop off the till. He claims he has never been paid for the 5 minutes that this takes every evening.

Sexual assault

A male and female employee were drinking on a work trip. The male alleges that he passed out and when he woke up he was being raped by the female employee.

Double dismissal

Two employees were dismissed for bullying. Both sued for unfair dismissal.

Would you know how to handle these work place relations issues.
Not knowing your rights and responsibilities as an employer could
cost you thousands. Be prepared. We can help.

McMahon Osborne Group and Baguley & Associates are holding a special FREE work place relations educational breakfast on
Wednesday 13th August @ 7.30am sharp
Sunbury Football Club, Riddell Road, Sunbury
Breakfast included

Guest speakers
Malcolm Chong – Business Development Manager (Employsure)
Barry Oliver- Business Development Manager Gallagher Bassett

Seats are limited, so to reserve your seat
contact Lynda (03) 9744 7144 or
email lynda@mcmahonosborne.com.au



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