How your Sales & Marketing Departments can prove to be a winning combination

sales & marketing

The length of the B2B sales cycle process has changed with prospective customers engaging later after compiling their own research.
With a movement towards online buying, marketers now play an even bigger role in capturing a prospects’ attention to generate more sales-ready leads. That means adapting a new approach to how leads are generated, retained and measured and what steps are taken to move prospects along the sales funnel.
The latest approach from many businesses is for marketing departments to align themselves with the sales department to develop a more strategic based plan to help deliver sales-ready leads.

Keep your audience interested
Today’s marketers have to provide interesting and relatable content to attract prospects and keep them engaged. While content such as case studies and blogs on company’s websites play a critical part in this, developing a “micro-content” strategy is also important.
“Micro content” refers to short content, like headlines, which need to be clear and immediately inviting to the reader.  One example of micro content could be to use the subheadings in your Blog Post as tweets with a call to action and link to learn more.

The content you create is essential for getting found by your ideal clients so they can get to know you and how you can serve them.
With a strategic approach, micro content can help drive inbound marketing leads into your sales funnel, until potential customers are sales ready.

Test & Measure
This is extremely important as it gives you an insight into your buyer’s behaviour.  By testing and measuring your marketing strategies you can determine which elements of your strategy are most effective, and which elements should either be improved upon or let go.
The reality is that before a marketing strategy becomes successful, they have often been painstakingly refined and relaunched.

Working Together
In the best-performing companies, sales and marketing teams are closely aligned and meet on a regular basis to discuss market conditions, buying trends and test and measure results. It is important that these teams worked together to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the lead management process instead of wasting time, money and resources working independently to achieve the same goals.
To be successful both sales and marketing need to recognize their specific accountabilities and understand how they are related.

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