Do you have the strategy to increase your sales?

Do you want to see your sales increase by at least 10%?

What impact would a healthier bottom line have on your business?

Would your Team benefit from understanding some simple strategies in selling?

Implementing a simple strategy such as cross selling could be just the strategy your business needs right now. Cross selling is such a powerful yet easy way of increasing your average transaction value, and in turn, increasing your profits. It doesn’t cost you anything to implement and takes no time to get it going……

In many situations very little effort is spent in your business on getting the most from the incoming leads and customers you already have. You would probably be surprised by just how many customers will leap at your cross sell proposition – simply because you are anticipating their needs and in effect, providing them a better service. Putting a “cross selling” strategy into place will have an increased effect on the bottom line of your business.


3 simple strategies for maximising your cross-selling opportunities: 

  1. Create a special of the Week or Month – each week or month identify a product that you can offer at a great price, ensure that it compliments your product range and has a high perceived value but offer it as a one off special price.
  2. Make Cross-selling a performance standard in your business, provide incentives to stimulate your sales team.
  3. Educate your team regarding Cross-Selling, invest in training and give them the confidence to cross promote.


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