Do you have lost super waiting to be claimed?


It is estimated there are billions of dollars in unclaimed super floating around Australia’s funds – and 50% of Australian workers have at least some super that’s gone astray.

Every week we have new clients who tell us that they’ve lost track of their super. Each new job they take has a different superannuation provider and as years go by, they simply lose track of it all. As for finding their old super in other funds, they don’t know where to start.

Does this sound like someone you know?  It might even be you!

There is any easy way to check if you’ve got lost super waiting to be claimed…

SuperSeeker Quick Search

SuperSeeker Quick Search is a secure online tool provided by the Australian Tax Office which provides information on your superannuation.

In just a few simple steps you can perform a search to see whether any of the billions of dollars of unclaimed superannuation is yours…

  1. Visit the SuperSeeker Quick Search website, read and accept their terms and conditions.
  2. Fill in your TFN, Name and Date of birth and select Login.
  3. See if the search results list you as having unclaimed super

It’s that easy!

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