Reduce Frustration, Increase Awareness

Do you ever get frustrated with your team, your managers, your suppliers or your customers, the list goes on.  For most people the answer will be YES.  Often this frustration will result from a decision they have made or an action that was taken. In business we have two options – just wear it or address it.

There are a number of techniques to deal with these frustrations and no single one will be the golden ticket to end all frustration.  It’s surprising how often the other party won’t even be aware of the frustration that their action has caused and in these situations it’s up to you as the frustrated party to take control of the situation.

So, a simple suggestion to alleviate many frustrations is to just raise awareness.  If we agree with the premise that at least all people are good, then it follows that these same people will not go out of their way to case frustration and angst.

Try this: a customer continually pays you 14 days after the invoice is due.  Within your finance area this causes great angst as every month this means you have to hang out 3 suppliers for longer than their trading terms.  This results in the office receiving a dirty call every month from 2 of those suppliers.  The admin team dread these calls every month and have to keep making up excuses for late payment, they can’t stand the client.  The sales team say they are a great client, always buying new services a great to deal with.  After months and months of constant bickering between admin and sales the boss decides enough is enough and tell the client they can’t continue to do business as they don’t pay on time and the business cash flow can’t continue to support them as a customer.

This is a horrible outcome for everyone – sales lost a customer, admin lost an income source to pay the overheads, the boss lost a profit centre, the client needs to find a new supplier and didn’t even get a chance to review the issue.

So, how does the boss change the result – RAISE AWARENESS.  Explain to the customer that we really value their business; “The sales team feel you’re in our top 5% of clients however the delay in payments is causing some concern and stress within the business”.  Then ask the client “Do you get great value from our service/product?”  From there follow the conversation to a point of mutual agreement.  The result will most likely be an improvement for both supplier and customer simply because you have a greater AWARENESS of each others needs and requirements.

At the end you may still let the client go, but at least after the conversation you can be confident that you took responsibility for the concern, raised the client’s awareness and actively looked for a solution.  Regardless of the outcome you will walk away secure in the knowledge that you took ownership of the issue.

Try it, what’s the worst that can happen?  How can the outcome be worse than putting your head in the sand.

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