Avoiding Procrastination Tips

Breaking News: we only have 24 hours each day!!

Procrastination can rob us of some of those precious hours every day, week and year. It can cost us our team, our customers and our families and can contribute to smaller problems becoming larger and costly to fix.

Here are some simple tips to avoid procrastination:

  1. Make a commitment to yourself to stop procrastinating.  Better still, make it a mutual commitment between you and someone you really trust and don’t want to let down.
  2. Keep a log of every time you procrastinate. It is okay to slip now and again but a log will help you stay on track and change those bad habits!  (using a log works more than we really appreciate).
  3. Since fear is a powerful motivator, try associating procrastination with something unpleasant like losing your home, closing your business, losing your job or letting yourself (or someone you look up to) down.
  4. Use the correct procedure and systems for each job to create repetition and therefore comfort in completing tasks.  Break big tasks into small incremental manageable sizes.
  5. Hold back rewards until the job is done. Create pain before gain! Finish the next task – then get a coffee or take a break. Not only does this make your work more methodical and organised, but delaying something pleasant makes the reward even more enjoyable.
  6. Start small. Return that unpleasant phone call today; follow up that missing document immediately. Succeeding on the small things will help build your confidence and create the habit of doing things immediately. You will start to build a positive habit as a result.
  7. The ability to stop procrastinating will not change with one attempt. Like breaking any habit, keep trying and you will start to see change in yourself. Stick to tip #2.

Beat Procrastination

One thought on “Avoiding Procrastination Tips

  1. I love tip #1, if there was a law about procrastination maybe only a few are not in jail today. I admit, I am a severe procrastinator at work and still hoping to find a way to quit this habit. I’ll see if I can follow your tips and apply them without procrastinating. 🙂 By they way, I found this blog on a forum site and I find it a good read too on how to become more productive. It says, “to be productive you should love what you do” – which is true in all aspects.

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